Thursday, 1 February 2018

When BSNL management will wake up from its slumber?:

At last the Railway Ministry has just now woken up to the most cruel exploitation of Railway Contract Labourers by the Contractors throughout the country. It issued a direction to all its zonal General Managers vide its communication dated January 24, 2018 cautioning them about various tactics of Contractors to deny even the basic rights to the poor Contract Labourers including Minimum wages, ESI , EPF etc. It warned the Railway Zonal Managers that criminal action may be proceeded not only against the Contractors but also the Primary Employers( Railway) for not ensuring statutory benefits to the Labourers.
It cited few frauds deliberately indulged by the Contractors in the recent letter which includes 1) forcibly grabbing the ATM cards of the Contract Labourers and drawing part of their wages paid through Banks directly.
The excerpts of this Communication:
" Non-payment of minimum wages to the workers is a criminal offence since it violates the statutory provisions...keeping in view of the fact violation of Minimum wages Act, 1948 and related orders, depriving the Contract Labourers of their just and legal rights and also leading to violation of Contract ( exposing Principal Employer to the risk of proceedings under these Acts), these unscrupulous Contractors are liable to be taken up under relevant punitive/ penal proceedings".

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