Sunday, 16 September 2018

Let us not be complacent..!
Some of our comrades are circulating the Pay revision calculation work sheets and benefits there upon after Pay fixation assuming 15% fitment benefits. I sincerely think this is premature to count the eggs even before the hatching of hen. The workers should not be made complacent by this calculation work sheets. We need to prepare the employees for a united and resolute struggles as we need to cross few hurdles before actually achieving the implementation of Third wage revision.
The main hurdle is getting relaxation from the Central Cabinet for implementing third wage revision despite not running on profit during the past three years. Our Minister promised us to forward the necessary note for the relaxation by 31-03-2018 in February. But sadly till this day note has not been finalised in DOT. It has to be thereafter sent to Cabinet. We don’t know how much time the Cabinet will take to positively consider our note for relaxation . In this background circulating work sheets on calculation of benefits on assumptions will only make our employees complacent . Instead we all should channelise the anger and dissatisfaction amongst our employees due to the inordinate delay in implementation of wage revision and allowances revision with effect from 01-01-2017. Trade unions must always keep their powder dry for Meeting any eventuality and challenges of future.
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